New Pin, February Sports Catalog and Ice Fishing Update !!!

2 03 2008

Hi penguins,

Today I am a little late on posting the new information.

First we will start with the new pin, the new pin is in the pool, the pool is underground, you can get there by going to the plaza and going in the sewer hole or you can go in the night club and go through the speaker on the left of the DJ table, then go through the door in the boiler room, the pin is in the life guard chair. Here is the picture: (click to see full picture)



Next I will tell you all you need to know about the new sports catalog, there are two soccer uniforms, one blue and one red, they are both new, also the fishing pole is new and if you enter into the game ice fishing you can catch gray fish which I will cover next, there is also new sports furniture, they are the Treadmill, the exercise bike the exercise ball and the blue and red gym mats, there is also a new background for you to get, it is the soccer background, there are two hidden items in this catalog, first the orange football helmet which is hidden on the net part of the tennis racket, and the silver surfboard is hidden too, it is very tricky to find first you click on the guy that is holding the flame surfboard on the surfboard page, the flame surfboard should change to pink, when it changes to pink then click both the starfish and the clam on the ground and the silver surfboard should appear, click here to go to the Sports catalog offline, here are the pictures: (click to see full picture)







Also you can catch gray fish if you have the fishing pole that is available in the sports catalog. Here are the pictures: (click to see full picture)






And in case you haven’t noticed the puffle pulling the banner used to be blue. (click to see full picture)


Until then, Keep on waddling,





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