New Furniture and Igloo Catalogs and new post cards !

19 04 2008

Hi penguins,

The new flooring for your igloo is out today, it is the Phony-Lawn, which costs 700 coins.

Also, there is a new igloo availabe, it is the backyard igloo, which costs 4,200 coins.

(click for larger image)

To find the Secret Deluxe Stone igloo, go to page 16 and click on the door of the long igloo.

To find the Secret Stone igloo, go to page five and click on the crow bar above the ‘V’.

In the furniture Catalog, the Plants are back. Click on the palm tree at the top of the page to buy the palm tree.

                        (click for larger image)

Also there is new Furniture, it is gardening supplies.

                                (click for larger image)

There is also a new Electronic, it is a video camera, it costs 350 coins, if you look closely it points to wherever your mouse moves. Also if you click on the LCT TV, you will find the hidden big screen TV.

                                (click for larger image)

If you click on the Refridgerator you can find the hidden birthday cake.

In other news there is going to be a welcome back party for Rockhopper, since his ship is fixed.

Also, there are new cards that you can send to people, they each cost 10 coins to send to someone.

                             (click for larger image)

                        (click for larger image)

Here are the Upcoming Events.

Until then, keep on waddling,





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14 05 2008

Hello my friends 🙂

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