New Club Penguin Wallpaper & and 2 new rooms

3 05 2008

Hi Penguins,

Here is the new Club Penguin Wallpaper:

(Click the picture to enlarge it)

Also, there are two new rooms in Club Penguin, they are on Rockhoppers Ship.

There is the Crows Nest:

(Click to enlarge)

To get the key for Rockhoppers Secret Captain Quarters then go to the Book room, and go to the end of Rockhoppers Journal and the key will be there, the key is also a pin. Then you can access Rockhoppers Captain Quarters. Here are some pictures:

Here is his Quarters:

(Click to enlarge)

Also there is a new mutilpayer game called Treasure Hunt, it is in Rockhoppers Secret Captain Quarters.

Rockhopper also has Some treasure that he brought back for us, he brought back a free t-shirt and a Rare Flower pot for members.

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

More info on the New Clothing and wig catalog soon, click on the Clothing Catalog picture on the sidebar for the new Clothing Catalog, and Click on the Wig Catalog picture on the sidebar for the new Wig Catalog, both of them are updated.

Until then, Keep on Waddling,





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